I had a great time talking to the owners at their March meeting at the Colliton Club, Dorchester, Dorset. We discussed many topics around keeping classic cars in good working shape. For instance did you know if you're keeping your classic car in storage your insurance company should be be informed? If you don't it can cause cover implications!

We also had a good Q & A session where we discussed a range of good practices such as:

  • Storing your car in a well ventilated garage with good air flow.
  • The benefits of silicon brake fluid and draining the old seasons oil - before refreshing with new oil and filter.
  • Keeping the fuel fresh to prevent damage to the tank innards, re-filling the fuel tank and adding a fuel stabiliser.

Throughout the evening other interesting topics came up such as:

  • Vermin eating wiring looms
  • Benefits of battery conditioners
  • Aging Tyres
  • Leaving the handbrake off
  • Stuck-on clutches and brakes etc.. and ways to avoid this 

Finally it was established at despite an MOT not being a requirement for older vehicles a yearly check-over by a qualified and most importantly an experienced mechanic is important.

At Timeless Classic Cars I offer a 'MOT Preparation' service which will get your vehicle checked to DVSA (previously VOSA) standards. As an ex-MOT examiner with over 30 years mechanical experience you'll know that your car is checked to the highest standards.



Darren Budden - Timeless Classic Cars